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An Introduction to TeleMedicine

Why TeleMedicine?

TeleMedicine is a way to abate costs at the aforementioned time accouterment consumers with the accessibility they wish like bargain biking time, beneath hardships. It solves the accepted problems like curtailment of able medical professionals. The admonition technology has avant-garde to an admeasurement area doctors can accommodate acceptable basic consultations.

Increasing acceptance of TeleMedicine Technology is transforming every area including Healthcare. Modern admonition and admonition technologies (ICTs), like computers, the Internet, and corpuscle phones, are transforming how individuals acquaint with anniversary other, seek and barter information, and adorning people’s life. This has abundant abeyant to break all-around bloom affliction problems.

A few factors which accept fabricated boundless acceptance of TeleMedicine accessible are

  • The availability of High-speed internet admission and adaptable phone
  • Humans already accept computers and smartphone application which they admission the internet and are application telecommunication technology in altered contexts.
  • It provides able and cost-effective affliction to ancient patients who crave added affliction than adolescent generation

Types of TeleMedicine

The convenance of TeleMedicine is disconnected into three types of solutions

  • Store and advanced – This is aswell alleged asynchronous TeleMedicine. It is a adjustment in which the patient’s medical admonition like imaging reports, analytic reports, videos and added annal are stored and forwarded to a medical affliction professionals for limited appraisal of patient’s condition. In this method, medical affliction professionals can assay the patient’s admonition finer at their acceptable time. In this solution, a medical specialist can be in a altered timezone. This band-aid is activated in radiology, dermatology, and ophthalmology.
  • Limited ecology (Telemonitoring) analytic abstracts of patients can be monitored from a distance. This is benign for beforehand patients at home who accept affliction constant for a continued time like affection disease, diabetes, and even asthma.
  • Live Interactive or Real Time TeleMedicine – Synchronous TeleMedicine Video conferencing adeptness gives doctors to action actual admonition to patients who crave medical care. It is advantageous in primary affliction and followup visits. These technologies acclimated in TeleMedicine are advised to assure patients aloofness and follows HIPAA(Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) standards

TeleMedicine Technology Overview The Principle aspect of TeleMedicine are

1. Accessories – Telemedicine systems abduction articulation and angel data

2. Transmission adjustment or Connectivity

1. Accessories – TeleMedicine Units

  • Allowance Systems with examination awning and microphone are stationed in a room. They are acclimated for continuing education, medical therapy, and authoritative meetings.
  • Adaptable Systems accept baby aisle and are calmly moved. Telemedicine units which can be confused to altered places
  • Desktop Systems – Baby units which can be placed in clinician’s office

Accessories -Principal Common Components

1. Camera is acclimated for clinicians to see the patients and patients to see the clinicians.

2. Examination Awning – Sometimes assorted screens are accessible so that medical provider can appearance the patients as able-bodied as the analytic letters and added medical information.

3. Microphone allows clinicians and patients to allocution to one another.

4. Codec – coding and decoding. It is the affection of the system. This compresses the approachable audio and video abstracts and address the admonition to the far end decompress the admission information. It aswell provides aegis encryption.

5. Scopes and Peripherals

Use of borderline accessories like specialized cameras and analytic scopes.

A specialist can appraise after accepting to be in the aforementioned location. General use of cameras allows dermatologist to appearance the skins. ENT specialist uses Otoscope to appearance central of the patient’s ears. Stethoscope allows alert to affection and lung Sounds. Non-mydriatic cameras allows capturing the retinal images in case of Diabetic Retinopathy screenings

2. Transmission adjustment or Connectivity The arrangement is all-important to authorize connectivity amid locations and address analytic data. Telemedicine accessories needs to be affiliated calm for interaction.

Top TeleMedicine Specialities

TeleMedicine can be activated to any specialty. It can be said as a basic hospital.

1. Teleradiology – get a appointment on patient’s bloom action by sending x-rays and bloom annal deeply to a radiologist at addition location

2. Teleophthalmology – examines a patient’s eyes and accommodate analysis from a distance.

3. Teledermatology- images of adventurous or derma ataxia are beatific for limited diagnosis. 80% of dermatology cases involving rashes are bound by TeleMedicine.

Benefits of TeleMedicine

1. Elderly humans with abiding affliction can be advised by doctors afar abroad after abrogation their Eldercare facility.

2. A artisan who becomes ill or afflicted on oil able-bodied who is 100s of afar abroad from acreage can be advised by doctors accidentally via TeleMedicine.

3. Video conferencing adeptness helps medical practitioner collaborate with the accommodating about anon with a abridgement in amount and admission convenience.

4. Patients can be apparent eventually by doctors for treatment

5. The amount of patients traveling to hospital and cat-and-mouse time are acutely reduced

6. Expert Medical advice, one on one consultation, 2nd opinion, online medical record

7. It protects one’s Aloofness and from the abundance of your home

8. Accommodating Bloom annal are stored deeply afterward the HIPAA standards

9. Patients can be diagnosed and advised beforehand which leads to bigger outcomes and bargain treatments.


TeleMedicine offers amazing abeyant for carrying faster, better, beneath big-ticket and added acceptable care. As the TeleMedicine area evolves and expands, it provides astronomic opportunities for the bloom affliction profession, decidedly in its adeptness to reach, engage, and advance the bloom of patients who ability contrarily not accept admission to care

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